Goroka Show Adventures #2 (09/22 Sept) - 14 Days / 13 Night

Tour Operator - Beyond Authentic Experience Lt

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This show is the most well-known tribal gathering and cultural event in PNG. Approximately 100 tribes arrive to showcase their music, dance and perform extraordinary displays of tribal rituals.

The festival started in the mid-1950's, initiated by the Missionaries. The Australian Kiaps (patrol officers) then took over organising the festival in 1957. Kiaps from each district built round houses typical of their districts where they displayed the various and unique cultures of the people living there.

The Kiaps also brought in 'singsing' groups from surrounding areas creating an entertaining weekend for everyone within the Province. Also helping people forget their tribal difference.

Tour availability : Fix departures only (refer to fix departure dates)
Fix departure dates - list of dates: 09 September 2018
Duration (Days): 14
Itinerary Day 1: Sunday 09 September 2018 Arrive Wewak by PX940 Port Moresby/Wewak ETA 0945. Meet/greet by guide, depart Wewak by vehicle and travel over the Prince Alexander Ranges through to Passam, Kubalia, Yangoru, Hayfield/Maprik, and Wosera to reach Pagwi. From Pagwi station you will travel to Palimbei. There is a cluster of three villages, Palembei, Yenchan and Kanganaman. These villages have stood firm against the invasion of Christianity. They still have their Haus Tambarans and practice their customs including the initiation and scarification of young “crocodile men”. The villages are also home to great artists and carvers and their sought-after birds’ head carvings. Overnight Kanganaman Guesthouse (LDB)
Itinerary Day 2: Monday 10 September 2018: Depart Kanganamun and visit the nearby beautiful village of Palembei with its two Haus Tambarans, both filled with artefacts. There will be plenty of opportunity to inspect and purchase many varied forms of artefacts in the village and inside the Haus Tambarans at this village. Return to Kanganamun and visit the initiated men in the Spirit House at night, a great experience when you can almost feel the ancestors in the shadows! It may be possible, as an alternative, to go crocodile hunting in the evening with young men from the village. Overnight in Village Hut (LDB).
Itinerary Day 3: Tuesday 11 September 2018: Explore the villages then depart by lunchtime to Ambunti then continue to Wagu village. The Hunstein range is a wildlife management area and is a project established by the village communities with the help of WWF to protect some of the last remaining virgin rainforests in the world. Wagu village is the first village in the Bhinemo language group that extends to the Gahom, Niksek, Kagiru and April River area. You can see bird of paradise in the forest at Wagu village. The bird species are the lesser and greater birds of paradise found in the lowlands of Papua New Guinea. Overnight Wagu Lakes Village Accommodation (LDB).
Itinerary Day 4: Wednesday 12 September 2018: Depart Wagu village for Meno Tongijamb. There is a cluster of five villages whose inhabitants speak the Kowma language. Their main ceremonies are based on the Yena, Minja and Nokwi ceremonies after the yam harvest. After visiting these villages return to the main Sepik River and continue to Ambunti through Swagap villages. Overnight in a Ambunti Village Hut (LDB).
Itinerary Day 5: Thursday 13 September 2018: Depart early for Pagwi on the way visiting the Villages of Malu, Avatip, Yaumbak and Japandai. Malu and Avatip belong to the Manambu language-speaking group, Japandai belongs to the Yatmul language-speaking group. Meet your waiting driver and vehicle in Pagwi. Depart Pagwi by private vehicle to Wewak. Overnight In Wewak Boutique Hotel (LDB).
Itinerary Day 6: Friday 14 September 2018. Transfer to PX123 Wewak/Port Moresby 0610/0820 connecting with PX964 Port Moresby/Goroka 1455/1605. Meet/greet upon your arrival in Goroka. Transfer to your hotel for check in. Overnight Goroka hotel (DB).
Itinerary Day 7: Saturday 15 September 2018: Return transfers to the Goroka Showground with your 2 days show permit. Overnight Goroka Hotel (LDB).
Itinerary Day 8: Sunday 16 September 2018: Return transfers to the Goroka Showground. Overnight Goroka Hotel (LDB).
Itinerary Day 9: Monday 17 September 2018: Scenic drive tour through the Asaro Valley, Daulo Pass, visit roadside markets cluster of traditional villages and houses, farms/gardens and travel through the Chimbu gorge, and finally arrive Keglsugl (in the foothills of Mt Wilhelm). Afternoon orientation tour or simply relax to acclimatise to the new environment or climate. Overnight Betty's Lodge (LDB).
Itinerary Day 10: Tuesday 18 September 2018: Commence hiking with your guides up the scenic lower slopes of Mt Wilhelm, arriving at Lake Piunde in the afternoon (a packed lunch is supplied by the lodge). Lake Piunde is the base camp for climbing to the summit. Here you will stay at the base camp guest house which is rather more basic but adequate for resting up and getting used to the higher altitude. After a hot dinner, turn in early to get some sleep before rising in the middle of the night to climb to the summit. Overnight Base Gamp (LDB)
Itinerary Day 11: Wednesday 19 September 2018: Begin at 01.00am and commence the 6-hour climb with your guides to the summit. The track is clear with guides and reasonably easy to follow in the dark by moonlight or torch light. Clear views from the summit of Mt Wilhelm are only possible at sunrise before cloud cover obscures the view so aim to reach the summit around 07.00am. After reaching the top and capturing the incredible views from the roof of the world, retrace your trail back to Base Camp. Overnight Base Camp (LDB).
Itinerary Day 12: Thursday 20 September 2018: Early morning breakfast. Hike down to Keglsugl, hop on your waiting vehicle and drive through traditional farms and villages, the historic fertile Waghi Valley decorated with tea & coffee plantations on each side of the Highlands Highway; finally arrive Mt Hagen in the afternoon. Overnight Shine Inn (LDB)
Itinerary Day 13: Friday 21 September 2018: Full day touring & activities. Overnight Shine Inn (LDB).
Itinerary Day 14: Saturday 22 September 2018: Transfer to your onward departure flight. *****END OF OUR SERVICES*****
Difficulty: Beginner
Cancellation and Refund Policy: B) Full refund up until 30 days before trip (less 10% fee)
What's Included: Land Cost Inclusions - Half twin share accommodations - All meals from dinner on 09th to Breakfast on 22nd September. - transfers & tours - 2 days' Show tickets. - Local guide fees - village entrance fees - summit guides - carriers & summit guides - 10% VAT/GST Tax.
What's Excluded: Land Cost Exclusions: Any expenses of personal nature and/or any item not listed in the "Land Cost Inclusions".
Other Information: Additional Cost Single Supplement: US$652.00 (not available at this stage). However single room will only be allocated if available at the time of checking in or closer to the date of travel. Domestic PX flights. We suggest you book and ticket following domestic Air Niugini (PX) flight sectors from your end to take advantages of any available discounts: - 09 September PX940 Port Moresby/Wewak 0705/0945 - 14 September PX123 Wewak/Port Moresby 0610/0820 - 14 September PX964 Port Moresby/Goroka 1455/1605 - 22 September PX181 Mt Hagen/Port Moresby 1000/1100. Important notes: All other domestic Air Niugini (PX) flights, you book/ticket from your end. Our services begin in Wewak on 09th September and end in Mt Hagen with a transfer to the airport 22nd September. Wewak, Mt Hagen & Goroka Hotels: (3*star) Clean, comfortable and self-contained. We have included breakfast and dinner. You can arrange directly with the hotel for your pack lunch to take with you to the show. Sepik Canoeing & Mt Wilhelm Trekking: Accommodations are in village guesthouses which are 1 or less star; and meals are of basic nature. Meals: Local cuisines mixture of fresh vegetables, fruits and supermarket tinned/packed food items. Mt Wilhelm trek is graded hard to strenuous though non technical. Commissions: * A 5% to 20% commission is applicable. Booking conditions: * All booking requests/applications must be accompanied with a nonrefundable deposit of US$500 per person to confirm their booking on this tour. * Without the required deposit, there is no agreement that you have a booking or space reserved. * Full payments are due 45 days prior to arrival date in PNG. * No payments, no services. Cancellation Policy. * Any cancellation of a booked tour must be in writing to us. A cancellation fee is charged on the following range of notifications; * 10% of the total tour payments is charged for more than 45 days notice. * 25% of total tour payments is charged for 30-45 days notice. * 50% of total tour payments is charged for 14-29 days notice * 75% of total tour payments is charged for 7-13 days notice * No refund is available for 0-6 days notice and/or unutilized service/s when the tour has already commenced. Book NOW to avoid the inconvenience of wait listing issues.
Gears and Equipment: Warm wind-proof clothes and an alpine sleeping bag are essential but Mt Wilhelm is a non-technical climb and no special gear is required. Light hiking boots or sturdy trainers are adequate footwear. Sleeping gear (bring your own sleeping bag, inflatable mattress and pillow).Personal gear such as water bottle, rain poncho, personal backpack and personal first aid kit, Mobile phone or satellite phone, warm clothes including a pair of warm socks and a quality pair of trekking boots.
Minimum Pax: 4
Maximum Pax: 15
Pick Up / Meeting Location: Airport Wewak
Region: Oceania

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