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About us

What we do

MY LIVE ADVENTURES is an online community marketplace for adventure travelers. Our marketplace enables you to search, book and list adventure trips around the world.

Who we are

We are NOT a travel agent and neither do we care to be. Our idea of adventure does not involve city tours, sampling local cuisines or looking at mountains from a 5 star hotel room window. Our definition of adventure will require you to climb, trek, run, cycle, ski, swim, dive, paddle, surf, and even fly. We believe that through adversities will we witness true friendship and find out who we really are. We will love for you to take this journey with us and be part of a community of adventurers.

Join the Community

Adventure is best experience with friends. You and your friends can sign up and join our community for free and get the opportunity to meet other like-minded adventurers. Our platform allows you to post adventure trips and invite other community members to join your adventure. We also work with local adventure operators around the world to provide you with amazing adventures at exotic locations. Be it climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania or biking through La Paz in Bolivia, there will be an adventure for you!